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  • Garrett Holmes

Fast and Furious

I recently had a real estate agent ask me why it took 4-5 weeks for an order to be completed. He suggested that there were some companies who could do it in 1-3 days tops with the glass being built locally. I thought you might be interested in my response:

"Thanks for the response, and I appreciate the feedback. You raise a good point. Some window or window glass replacement companies lead with speed... some with cheap.... some with quality. There is a market for all. Some customers want speed, some want cheap, some want quality. I'm after the market looking for quality and...value.    Cardinal (my supplier) is the best window in the business globally - period. The fact that I can deliver Cardinal quality at a low cost represents outstanding overall value. My past clients really first and foremost asked about quality, then cost.... and to be honest, never really questioned the timelines for delivery, because they know the difference a quality window makes. I imagine that is because most of my business involves large orders (15+ windows of multiple sizes - including custom work ie: circular, half moon).  There is simply no better window than Cardinal...and it takes time to build quality.

Also, I know there are some window replacement companies out there who do offer speed, but really at the cost of quality. I'm not talking about the window quality (although that is a separate issue), I'm talking about the install quality. I've seen window replacements where they are fast but they are installing a pre-made window size (which is why they can do it "fast")...into a window that needs a different size.  In other words, the "fit" is not precise... its "close". There is an impact to the house for that kind of an install. The "gaps" will cause issues...but you wouldn't see it until the job is done... and paid for... and rain/moisture takes its toll later on. Not saying all do that... but it happens.

Actually, when time was mentioned - again in my experience - it has been relative to the actual time to install. I'm very fast, clean and "non-disruptive". I get a lot of comments about that. 15 windows can be done in 2-3 hours with little disruption.

While I recognize not all of your clients are looking for the quality/value route and do just want speed, if you have someone who isn't in quite as much of a hurry, keep me in mind. They won't be disappointed."

The decision to purchase replacement window glass should not be based on speed - its that simple. It is too big of an investment. Quality and value are the keys.

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