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  • Why would I need to replace my window glass?
    If your glass is cracked - it is not going to work as it should. If your glass if foggy on the inside or has moisture on the inside - it is not working as it should. Cracked or foggy, if the glass is not working as it should, it will not be keeping the cold air out in the winter, or the hot air out in the summer. You'll notice how cold it is in the winter near the window, and how hot it is in the summer. New glass will change that. You will notice the difference immediately. Also, you'll actually be able to see outside clearly - not through a window that you can't clean (because the dirt is on the inside) or one that is too foggy, too often. All of these things mean the "seal" (preventing cold/hot air from entering) has been compromised. The window glass needs to be replaced.
  • How does the free "contactless" quote work?"
    Simply call me at 289-981-2829 to receive it. All you will need is your cell phone, a tape measure and 15 minutes of your time. When you call I'll pull up a Google Maps Streetview image of your home. This gives me an idea of what I am working with. ​ Then, together we'll go through the number and sizes of the windows you need. After we're done I'll get back to you the same day via email with an estimate.
  • How long long does it take for the windows to be manufactured and delivered?
    Once I place the order, which is typically the same day (or the day after) you sign the contract, it takes 8-12 weeks for the windows to be manufactured and delivered to me. I call you when they come in and arrange a convenient time for me to install.
  • How long does it take to actually install the glass?
    We are very fast, efficient and clean (we don't make a mess). It takes about 1.5 hours to do ten 18 x 42 window glass replacements. That includes taking the old window glass out, installing the new window glass and clean up!
  • How messy is installation compared to full window (frame and all) replacement?
    Installing window glass is not messy and does not typically involve moving a lot of surrounding furniture. There is no cutting typically, no sanding, no dust, no mess. Usually the only dirt is the dirt that has gathered in or around the window - which we clean up before we install the new glass (to ensure a good fit). Installing a full window (frame and all) is a big job involving trimming, sanding, cutting lots of dust and dirt.
  • Do you take away the old glass?
    Yes we do. This is included as part of our service.
  • How does the cost of replacing glass compare to the cost of replacing a window?
    It doesn't really. A standard size piece of glass (say 18" x 34") can cost as little as $315 (installed, plus tax). A full window replacement with the same size glass, will cost much more - according to the average cost to replace a window is $975 (installed, plus tax). That's a significant difference. More importantly, the big question is whether you really need to have the whole window replaced - or is the issue simply with the glass?
  • Do you install whole windows (the glass and frame)?
    No I do not. That's a different business. I started Garrett's Window Glass Replacement because I found that many people were replacing their whole window (glass and frame) when they did not have to. As a result they are needlessly spending a lot more than they have to. Frames typically outlast glass and glass can be replace at a fraction of the cost. I specialize in replacing just the glass. I do it quickly, efficiently, professionally and safely!
  • Do you replace window cranks?
    No, we specialize in replacing window glass, not fixing window frame elements. I replace glass quickly, efficiently, professionally and safely!



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