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Always cleaning your windows, but they're never clean?

Are they foggy/icy?

Call for a free quote!

Price increase coming mid July - order now and save!

Call for a free quote!

Save 30% on all glass!!

Save big $$$ by replacing just the glass...not the entire window (glass + frame)!


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For full details on safety protocols

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My name is Garrett Holmes.  I replace residential window glass in the Oakville area (since 2018). 


That is all I do, and I do it well. 


I live in Oakville, and I am also a student (and play football) at the University of Windsor where I am enrolled in the MBA program (my undergrad was at Western), but run my business year round.

If your window glass always looks dirty, is foggy/iced on the inside (in the winter), and it feels cold near the window in the winter and too hot in the summer, that likely means the inner seal of the window glass is broken and it is no longer working properly.  This will result in mold and mildew buildup, possibly damaging the entire window.  It also means more expensive heating and cooling bills.

No matter what anyone tells you, this can't be effectively "repaired".  The window glass needs to be replaced.  

Most people think this means they have to replace the whole window (frame and all), which can cost thousands of dollars, but it doesn't.  In most cases, you can replace just the glass for a fraction of the cost.  For example an 18" x 34" piece of glass can cost as little as $395 tax included, installed and fully guaranteed!

Call me today for a free quote! 


The process


30% off all glass!!!

18"x34": was $566 now $396!

24"x 42" was $566 now $396!

22" x 64" was $720 now $504!

Prices as of 6/15/2023.  Prices subject to change - increase scheduled for mid July.


Stacks of Windows
Window Closeup

"A great product, at a great price, with great and safe service"

Step 1: The estimate:

I can do either a "contactless" quote, or I can come to your house - it is your choice. Either way, simply call me at 289-981-2829 to start things off.   For the "contact free" quote, all you will need is your cell phone, a tape measure and 15 minutes of your time.  When you call I'll pull up a Google Maps Streetview image of your home.  This gives me an idea of what I am working with.

Then, together we'll go through the number and sizes of the windows you need.  After we're done I'll get back to you the same day via email with an estimate. 

Step 2: You decide if you want to proceed with an order:

If you chose the "contact free" quote and you want to proceed we then book a time for me to come to your home to do a "final" measurement.  It will take about 30 minutes and I do the measurements from inside the house.

Step 3: Confirming your order via email/payment of deposit/ placing of order:

After I leave I will put together the final quote (which should be the same as the original quote - just with more precise sizing), which I email to you same day for you to review.   You then agree via email that you want to proceed and send me the deposit (50% of the value of the order). 

Once I have received the deposit, I place the order.

It will take approximately 8-12 weeks for the glass to be delivered to me.  The window glass I use comes from a factory in the U.S., from a company called Cardinal - the best window glass in the business!

Step 4: Installation:

Once I receive the glass I will call you to schedule the installation. Installation time depends on the number and size of windows.  Ten windows of 18" x 42" size would typically take about 1.5 hours to install. 


I do the installation personally (although I may bring a helper if father), and installation is very non-intrusive.  Unlike installing a full window frame, installing window glass is not messy and does not typically involve moving a lot of surrounding furniture. There is typically no cutting, no sanding, no dust, no mess.  Usually the only dirt is the dirt that has gathered in or around the window, which we clean up before we install the new glass (to ensure a good fit).  When we are done you won't even know we've been there other than your clear new glass!

Once the installation is complete, the remaining 50% of the total cost is due.


Request a free quote today!

Call 289-981-2829!

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Kinglet Court

"Garrett is a pleasure to work with. He is very straightforward and upfront about everything. No surprises which is good. Very neat and professional when he comes to install the glass. Works very quickly. I would absolutely recommend him".

Lois M.

Burloak Drive

"A great experience.  Not like some other companies/contractors that are hard to trust.  Even if he is a young entrepreneur, he seems very mature, very professional.  We need more honest and reliable entrepreneurs like him. I was concerned that with so many windows to replace it would be very disruptive, but it wasn't at all. Garrett moves quickly and there is absolutely no mess involved - very clean work. Keep up the good work". 

Kevin L.

Cottontail Court

"Garrett was very professional. He is very respectful of not disturbing things in the house, and very neat. No mess at all when he works. I was very happy with the job".

Carol B.

Whilabout Terrace

"I couldn't be happier with the work Garrett did. Really good value for the money, as the new windows look amazing. It makes a big difference".

Megan R.

Lakeshore Woods

"Garrett delivers exactly what he promises. A great product, with great service at a great price. He is very fast, and extremely neat. Makes sure he makes no mess when he works. Really happy with his work.".

Joanne K

Duskywing Way

"Garrett is a pro. He knows his business. He was fast, neat, and very, very thorough. He did a great job. The window's make a huge difference. Outstanding value overall".

Sharron B.

Whilabout Terrace

"We had a fairly big job - 14 windows.  The change is unbelieveable!  Not only is the house brighter and the views much better, but you really notice a change in temperature.  We can now sit by the window in the summer without feeling too hot!  Garrett was in and out in a couple of hours.  He knows what he is doing.  Great value - I'd highly recommend Garrett's Window Glass Replacement".

Rishi M.

Wavecrest Street

"I had a small but challenging job.  Six windows.   Problem was the builder had used very inferior glass and installed it improperly which made it very difficult to get out without damaging the entire window frame.  Garrett was up to the challenge and I know spent far more time on it than he planned.  I'm sure others would have walked away from the job.  Not Garrett - he worked through it.  Very happy with the work.  Great value".

Grant B.

Whilabout Terrace

"When I noticed the foggy windows, I thought I was in for a very expensive and painstaking process.  When I called Garrett and he took me through the process and costs...  I was very pleasantly surprised.  He showed up on time, was neat and clean in his work, and it was done in a couple of hours.  Cost me a lot less than I thought it would, and it makes a big difference to the comfort of the house".

Ferras A.

Nautical Boulevard

"Garrett did a great job start to finish.  The new windows look great and make a big difference to the temperature inside the house.  A great, and not too expensive, investment!".

Raj K.

Millrun Drive

"Garrett did my whole house in one day. There are 44 windows in total and they are of a number of different shapes and sizes.  Garrett measured them all correctly the first time.  He even took a couple of the curved ones out and made tracings of them to send to the manufacturer so there would be no mistake.  There was no mess, he was quick, neat, and efficient.  He delivered exactly what he promised.  The change was spectacular, the new glass has made a big difference to the overall look of the house".   

David N.


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