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  • Garrett Holmes


First and foremost I hope anyone reading this, is safe. That is the number one priority at this point. Stay safe.

A year ago I never thought I would be giving a COVID-19 update a year later. I would have thought that COVID would have come...and gone. As we have unfortunately seen, that is not the case.

The past year has been challenging on many levels, and that includes from a business perspective. The biggest issues have been supply chain issues, which thankfully appear to be behind us. As my customers know, we use Cardinal glass (the best in the business) which comes in from the U.S., and between cross border delays and manufacturer delays (both due to staff shortages, and due to an increase in volume due to COVID), getting deliveries was a challenge for a while. I want to thank any customers who were impacted for their patience.

Deliveries now appear to be getting back to close to normal (4-6 weeks) and we are gearing up for another busy summer.

In case you are wondering, glass installation falls into the essential services category because it involves keeping your house safe from a couple of perspectives (ie: cracked windows have security, and health related issues). As well, for people selling their houses, if a house inspector has indicated you need new glass, then it has to get done.

Like last summer, our "COVID safe" process is still in place so that I can provide you with a "contactless" estimate option, and do a safe installation. The process "contactless" estimate option, and our safe installation process have both been very well received by customers. The great thing about replacing your glass is that we really don't touch anything but the glass (if you have moved things out of the way so that we can access the window), and there is no mess.

Lastly, our pre-season sale is now on, so if you are thinking about replacing your window glass, now is a good time to do it and save 30%!

Stay safe,


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