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  • Garrett Holmes

costs rising due to covid 19

Hope everyone is staying safe.

As we continue to deal with the fallout from the COVID 19 crisis, one thing is clear, it is impacting costs.

In May on the flyers I handed out and on my website I highlighted my pre-season sale, offering 30% off and mentioning that you could beat the 2020 price increase (which at the time I didn't know when it would occur) by ordering immediately.

Well, it is now June and the manufacturer's price increase has hit. Prices have gone up by roughly 20%. Unfortunately, there may also be another price increase this summer as well. That is not a sure thing, but there is talk. If you are interested in replacing your glass, sooner is better than later more than ever.

Even with the increase however, replacing just the glass remains a great value. According to the average cost to replace a window is $650 while the average cost to replace just the glass is $175.

In these challenging times I will continue to do my best to keep the costs down, and make sure that I live up to my promise to you "A great product, at a great price, with great and safe service".

Stay safe.

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