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  • Garrett Holmes


Have you noticed...its that time of year. I don't know about you but my mailbox recently has been full of junk mail...particularly mail from window and door companies. Most of the pieces of mail are offering big discounts on full window installation - up to 50% off the regular prices. Doesn't that make you wonder? First, they must have huge mark-ups because no one is selling anything at a loss...which means even at 50% off they are making lots of profit. Think of what they must be making at full price. Don't be fooled.

Second, why the hard sell and the big discount? One answer could be that they are trying to sell you something that you may not actually need. Is your window really in need of replacement? Or is it just the glass? If your windows are foggy or dirty on the inside - that doesn't mean the entire window needs replacing - just the glass - which costs a lot less to replace.

You will notice no window/door companies actually mention the possibility that it is just the glass that needs replacement. Why would they - when they want to sell a much more expensive window + window frame? Don't be fooled. Take a look at your windows - if you have multiple windows that are foggy/dirty on the inside - you have a window glass problem, not a window problem.

Replacing the window glass will save you far more than 50% of what it would cost you to replace full windows. According to the average cost to replace a window is $650. The average cost to replace just the window glass, $150. So if you are getting a quote on replacing your windows...get a second opinion and a quote on replacing just the window glass. Don't be fooled.

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