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Why wait till it now (if you want to enjoy spring)!

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

It's never to early to start thinking about spring!

Yes it is February, the middle of winter. Tempting to hunker down, look out the window and wait out the winter! But wait, when you look out the window is your window glass foggy? Is there moisture between the glass? Does the glass always look dirty? Is it so cold near the window that it feels like you are sitting outside instead of inside (a bit of an exaggeration)?

Maybe you should think about replacing your window Getting the process started. Why? Well there are a few very practical reasons.

1. This is a great time (Feb) to do a walk around of your house (from the inside - stay warm!). The cold weather will highlight windows which have a broken seal and need glass replaced. Take a roll of masking tape and go from window to window checking for the tell tale signs that your window needs replacing (the glass always looks dirty on the inside, there is moisture on the inside, mold or mildew). Put a piece of tape on any window that you think there is a problem. If you wait until the "nice" weather, you may not be able to see (as well) which windows need replacing quite as clearly (excuse the pun). I can tell in any weather, but that's because it is my business.

2. It takes time for great window glass to be produced. I do precise measurements then order your window glass. It takes 4-5 weeks to produce your glass. We use the best glass in the business - from a company called Cardinal. Starting the process now will allow you to enjoy the spring and summer with a clear view! You'll really appreciate the new glass once the warmer weather hits - as unlike before you have your glass replaced - the heat will stay out in the summer (and the cold weather out in the winter)!

3. It is never too early to start realizing the energy cost savings! Lower your summer air conditioning bills and your winter heating bills with new glass!

4. I offer free installation if your order is booked before March 15th! Up to a $200 value!

So, while you are hunkered down this month, take a moment to look out your windows. If you don't like what you see...give me a call and I'll be happy to drop by and give you a free estimate!

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